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Chris ForwardChris was born on Labor Day in 1960 in Johnson City, TN located in northeast Tennessee.  He is the youngest of the four children of his father, Jimmy, a car salesman and his mother, Charla, a bookkeeper.  With two older sisters and a brother, the house was busy with a lot of activity.  Chris attended Washington County public schools and graduated from Daniel Boone High School, named after the frontiersman that spent a number in years in the area.

His father’s business had done well over the years and he was awarded the Dodge dealership for the area. Unfortunately, in 1975, Chris’ father unknowingly purchased a stolen car.  After being approached by Police, Jimmy Hilbert agreed to testify at a trial set to begin the day after Mother’s Day, 1976.  Two days before he was able to give his testimony, a hired killer came into the family’s home and shot his father to death.  Chris and his mother were at home but not injured.  Suddenly what to that point had been a typical middle class upbringing turned upside down.  It is through this experience that public safety became such an important and personal issue to Chris.  He knows the pain that a family and community endure when a tragedy strikes.  Fighting street crime and the prevention of crime inspired him to run for City Council and remain his top priorities.

Another passion of Chris is education. After attending an underperforming school district, Chris needed to work extra hard to catch up at the University of Tennessee.  With the assistance of scholarships and loans he became the first person in his family to graduate from college.  He knows the opportunities that his education has offered him and wants to remove the barriers that he faced for the children of Richmond.

Since 1999, Chris’ professional career has been making loans to benefit low and moderate income individuals and neighborhoods. Neighborhood revitalization is at the core of this effort.  That’s what he means by “building communities.”  Chris is a believer in “the broken window theory” which essentially says that neighborhoods that are plagued with blight attract criminal behavior.  That is why he has supported legislation to additional pressure on absentee landlords to fix up their properties.  Investment in the physical structures rids and area of blight and sets the stage for revitalization.  Chris has secured budget allocations for lighting, trees, new sidewalks for the Providence Park, Washington Park and the Chamberlayne Ave. and Brookland Park Blvd. business corridors.  The more important change for communities comes about by helping organizations that serve people.  Chris’s work on council has led to the restoration of funding for the only teen center in the Northside at the North Richmond YMCA and additional funding for community organizations.

Growing up in a family of six and working his way through college, Chris knows how to stretch a dollar. That’s why he is fighting for the taxpayers by exposing waste in city government and reducing the property tax rates.  His financial education (B. S. in Finance and MBA) suit him well for the task.

The experiences of Chris’ life have led him to serve his community by working on the City Council. It is a place where his unique skills and qualifications are put to the best use.  That is why we need your help to keep him working for us!

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