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Chris and his wife, Sheila Mandt have lived in Northside since 1995.  Buying their first home in Ginter Park, Chris’ love of the community is the driving force behind his service. In November 2004, Chris was elected to a two-year term on Richmond City Council representing the 3rd District.  In November 2006, he was re-elected without opposition.

Chris has also played an integral role in the rebirth and revitalization of the Richmond region. Since 1999, Chris’ professional career has been making loans to benefit low and moderate income individuals and neighborhoods. Neighborhood revitalization is at the core of this effort.  That’s what he means by “building communities.”   He is a believer in “the broken window theory” which essentially says that neighborhoods that are plagued with blight attract criminal behavior. 

During his time on City Council, Chris has concentrated his energies on fighting crime, protecting children and building communities.  Within this context, he has insisted on fiscal accountability and being a good steward of the taxpayers’ money. 

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Chris Hilbert for City Council

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