What Richmonders are Saying….

"As a former Mayor and Councilman, I know what it takes to meet the challenges facing our city. Chris Hilbert is a dedicated leader on City Council and has shown the ability and character to get the job done. I know and trust Chris and he will continue to make this district a better place to live, work and raise a family. I encourage you to vote for my friend, Chris Hilbert."

- Senator Tim Kaine

"As Richmonders head to the polls this November to elect a new Mayor and at least 4 new councilpersons, I encourage you to vote to re-elect my friend and colleague from the 3rd district, Chris Hilbert.

During the past 12 years Chris has worked to improve our schools, protect our children, keep our streets cleaner and safer, and support our police and firefighters. He has balanced 12 budgets and brought accountability and transparency to our government. That's why I am supporting his re-election to the RVA City Council and encourage you to do the same."

- Delegate Jennifer McClellan, Virginia House of Delegates

"I'm happy to support Chris Hilbert in his bid for re-election to Richmond City Council. This man of integrity is second to no one when it comes to standing up for his district and bringing solutions to problems of the community. Chris is not a complainer he represents is district very well."

- Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody

“Councilman Hilbert’s commitment to law enforcement is one all public officials should strive to meet.  He asks the right questions, shares the necessary information with his colleagues and is always open to differing ideas and strategies designed to increase citizen’s safety in their homes, neighborhoods and community.

Having experienced the loss of his own father to murder when he was a teenager, he brings a deep and unique compassion and commitment to his support of victims of violent crime and the police who investigate them.  He has been an exceptional representative of the City and its residents and I look forward to working with him for another four years.

- Mike Herring, Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney

Chris, I lived in your district for years. You were always open and available to your constituents and I have seen first hand your committee to the City of Richmond. The 3rd district, the City and most importantly the citizens especially families and children are extremely fortunate to continue to have you to advocate on their behalf

-       KO, 3rd District Resident

Chris Hilbert is a great councilman and I appreciate your decision to continue to serve our city...My HERO! We need more people like you.

-       Zarina Fazaldin, Minority Small Business Owner

I support your decision and will be glad to support you for your reelection. Believe me, we in the 3rd are PROUD to have you represent us!

-       Frances Daniel, 3rd District Resident

Chris Hilbert is a Great Friend and I stand behind him 100%!!! Show him your support RVA!!

-       Ashby Clore, City Resident

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